There are two key cost aspects to think about, when you are considering Mediation.

The first is the fee charged by your Mediation practitioner, and the second is the location and facility where you want your session to take place.

Practitioner Fees:

For two-party Mediations, my fees range from $225.00 to $275.00 per hour or portion thereof, depending upon the nature and complexity of the issue(s) in dispute.  If there are multiple parties at the table, fees can be subject to a corresponding increase.

I require a four-hour minimum booking for a session to be held within the Lower Mainland, and a six-hour minimum booking for sessions to be held out of town.

I generally try to isolate my chargeable time to the actual Mediation session, and I will only charge additional time for in-person pre-session meetings, or extensive outside discussion and document review.

Facility Cost:

If practical and agreed by the parties, it is generally most cost-effective to consider a meeting space you can access without charge. However, a separate and neutral space is often well worth the additional investment, as it can better serve as common ground, and enhance confidentiality.

I am happy to work with clients who prefer to use their own office space, as long as this environment is acceptable to all parties. In the event the parties prefer a more neutral facility, I am able to provide that service as well. There is an additional cost for use of meeting facilities, which generally ranges between $150.00 – $200.00 for a two-hour session.


In certain circumstances, I may require a pre-session deposit…. such as in cases where I am required to travel out of town, or where a pre-paid Facility charge is involved. I will clearly explain the terms of any deposit requirements, ahead of your decision to proceed with booking a Mediation.